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Management Safeguards works with both private and government organizations, helping them prepare for, prevent and mitigate various types of threats. We have the personnel, processes and technologies to provide a robust, reliable and custom-built threat-reduction plan for your business.

Our Team at Management Safeguards can provide you with a comprehensive plan in:


Continuity of Operations

When disaster strikes, well-laid plans make all the difference. Our team can help you create a preparedness protocol for hurricanes, floods and unexpected incidents to ensure your business remains operational.
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Threat Assessments

When businesses identify marginalized employees and take proactive steps to solve unfavorable situations, they reduce the threat potential. Our threat assessment services help you create and maintain a peaceful and productive workplace.
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Disaster Management

FEMA studies indicate that roughly 40 percent of businesses don’t reopen after a disaster, and only 29 percent of those that did were still open two years later. Our specialized disaster management services help you get back on your feet after a flood, a fire or an earthquake.
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Workplace Violence

Hostility and violence in the workplace is extremely destructive and can grind productivity to a halt. We can help you prevent avoidable violence and create contingency plans so that you can prepare for unforeseen incidents in advance.
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Active Shooter Response

Our team uses “Break the Freeze” active shooter response training to help keep your staff safe. Options-based strategies make it more difficult for armed individuals to acquire a target, keeping your staff safer until law enforcement professionals arrive. In addition to learning options for response our methods emphasize preparation for this type of encounter and how to combat the human tendency to freeze in times of crisis.
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Our Team

Management Safeguards utilizes a network of former Federal, State, local, law enforcement as well as Military, and Facility Professionals. Our staff has years of experience in instructing continuity of operations, threat assessments, disaster management, active shooter and workplace violence response. Our clients range from small businesses, to large transit companies.

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We conduct workplace safety assessments and training for supervisors and staff to prepare them for and prevent violence. Contact us to schedule a consultation and preliminary overview of your business.


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